Great British Furniture Campaign Re- Launched

Published on : Monday, August 4, 2014

Great British FurnitureBFM re-launched the Great British Furniture (GBF) Campaign. This campaign aims to promote British made furniture and increase awareness of the key factors that make British made furniture ‘great’ in the eyes of the consumer, retailers and a wider international audience.


The BFM first launched the GBF campaign around seven years ago and in this time it has seen a number of high profile names sign up and promote the campaign, advocating British made furniture. In the summer of 2012, when British Olympic and Royal Jubilee fever was gripping the UK, and the rest of the world, the GBF campaign saw a dramatic rise in furniture manufacturers and retailers signing up to help promote their products. The BFM are now looking to build on that success and increase participation in the campaign further by opening it up to the contract and office markets, as well as the domestic market. The focus of the review has been on updating and improving the point of sales and marketing materials. Allowing participants the use of the swing tags and printed material on their products in stores will help them to differentiate themselves amongst competitors.


Participants will have access to the newly designed toolkit, providing swing tags, banners for the web and ready to print logos and graphics which can be used on all printed material.


There is no charge to join the campaign, however for a manufacturer to participate they must be a BFM member with at least 75% of the products produced in the UK and the company must be willing to sign an agreement regarding the use of the logo. For retailers, the specification is that they must source sufficient products from GBF manufacturing members.



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