Furniture HQ Showcases Award Winning Office Chair

Published on : Tuesday, May 20, 2014

logo-firaAn award-winning multipurpose office chair, designed to meet both functional and ergonomic demands, is the latest addition to the Innovation Showcase at a world-leading furniture technology centre.


The Senator Ad-Lib office chair, designed by Pearson Lloyd, is a winner of the RedDot Design Award. It is also one of three products currently on display at the headquarters of the Furniture Industry Research Association, also home to FIRA International Ltd.


Representatives from across the furniture industry supply chain visit the headquarters on a regular basis and members of the Association have the opportunity to display new and innovative products on the Showcase.

Senator is part of UK based The Senator Group, a leading manufacturer of high quality furniture for the contract market and leading investor in research, development and design.


Robert Mustoe, Managing Director of The Senator Group, said: “It is now widely recognised that work is not only conducted at the desk and the environments in which people meet and work are more varied. As a result, there is far more sharing of chairs, which therefore need to be more flexible in function.


“Catering for this increased range of needs is simply not possible with a single-function chair. While it may perform particular functions well, its specificity narrows its wider application. This is obviously restrictive in terms of specification and facility management; more importantly, it also reduces the range of users who might make use of the chair.


“The Ad-Lib Chair is a cross-platform product that bridges gaps between function-specific seating in the workplace with a single modular system. Considered from the ground up, it has a unique build with fully interchangeable parts and features which make it easy to understand for the user as well as straightforward to specify. The FIRA Showcase is the perfect place for visitors from across the furniture industry to view this new innovative product.”


The Ad-Lib Chair is fully recyclable and is available with optional arms and upholstery. Senator proves its commitment to working sustainably through its membership of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP).


Products are showcased for a four-month period and offers companies a unique opportunity to gain extra media coverage when launching new products, as well as a way to display the product to others within the furniture industry.



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