FIRA Sets a New Standard for Contract Bed

Published on : Thursday, June 26, 2014

logo-firaFIRA International’s testing laboratory has made a new FIRA Standard, FS059:2014 (Non-domestic or contract furniture – Beds and divans – Safety requirement and test methods) soon after identifying the gap existing in non-domestic/contract beds and also receiving requests from manufacturers. A contract bed is any bed designed for a non-domestic setting, e.g. a hotel or care home.


Liz Morey, Customer Services Coordinator at FIRA International, said: “When carrying out testing on a product you want to replicate normal use and occasional misuse to fully understand how it will perform in real life. There are British and European standards that apply to domestic beds, but a contract bed, for example in a hotel, will need to withstand a higher level of use than one in someone’s home. We had received requests from manufacturers to test to a higher level of use than the domestic standard, so we have used our knowledge of bed testing to create this new standard which is the first to specifically cover contract beds.”


The new standard includes a higher level of testing than in the standard for domestic beds. It includes safety, durability, static-load and impact tests which aim to replicate normal use and occasional misuse, such as; sitting on the edge of a bed, someone moving around in their sleep, lifting and moving a bed, a person falling or sitting down heavily on the bed and dropping the bed from a height of 300mm.


The FIRA testing laboratory provides a UKAS accredited service for all types of furniture and related products for the domestic and contract markets. This includes flammability and fibre performance tests on fabrics and foams, performance tests on adhesives and boards, and structural testing on finished products. In addition to FIRA’s UK-based centre of excellence, support is also available to manufacturer in the Far East, looking to export their products to the UK through FIRA-CMA in Hong Kong, a HOKLAS accredited test facility offering a full range of structural and flammability testing in the Asian region.


FIRA’s technical experts can also provide a full range of support to manufacturers, importers and retailers. FIRA’s training courses cover a wide range of topics relevant to the furniture supply chain, including complying with the Flammability Regulations and the EU Timber Regulation.



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