Fantoni’s HUB by Matteo ragni: Design for SaloneOfficio

Published on : Friday, April 24, 2015

05 copy 3Fantoni showcases its latest innovations in Milan Design week. The HUB Collection. Today our way of working has changed completely, we are faster, more efficient and more flexible. We have learnt live more nomadic approach, shedding our expectations of a daily routine that is becoming even more fluid.


Therefore it is expected that the demand of the working space should change too, it should be more flexible, more comfortable, more relax able, and obviously more different. Fantoni experiment with its design and produce different and unique collection every time. This year they introduce the HUB.


fantoni8932bis copy 2Hub is an office system created for this contemporary world. It is a landscape that is ready to change, simple to understand and use, easy to make one’s own.  Hub promotes informal communication, the possibility to change places and rearrange spaces, and to meet and discuss with people in different ways to suit the occasion.


Designer Matteo Ragni offers spectacular collection on Hub. Hub gives a free rein to personalise the workspace. The ultimate modular system, whose perfect geometric structure was developed so that its frame can be used to form independent workstations or multiple arrangements. Hub is a sculptural and contemporary; it offers natural finishes for the top plus the radical solution of ISB chipboard. It also embraces the fashion world through a tweed decorative motif. Hub uses fabrics in intense colours, while the black or white frame contributes to cool or elegant locations and facilitates bold combinations.


FantoniHUBAeroporto copy 2“The Hub project arose from a real need to recreate a physical and mental space within a workplace inhabited by different people. A space that was open and fostered sharing and an exchange of ideas, yet also a place for reflection and individual work” said HUB Designer Matteo Ragni.


Hub connects, but it also creates island workstations when privacy is required. The collection expands to include a system of three self-standing partitions which also serve as storage containers. This practical contribution to everyday work operations also matches Hub’s lines and fabrics. A panel is used to connect the various Hubs, workspaces open up or are enclosed; compositions can change in accordance with changing requirements to create new layouts.


The most important part of the HUB Project is that Designer Michele De Lucchi chose Hub to represent one of the four areas illustrating the different and possible workspace concepts as imagined by the renowned architect.

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