The Cloud Softlight Mobile Floats from MOLO

Published on : Thursday, April 16, 2015

cloud_softlight_thorncrest_06 copyMolo is the master of creative lights. Now, they opts the unique creation of lights be it for office space or a lavish drawing room. At the heart of the Thorncrest House, a residential project for Altius Architecture, molo’s cloud softlight mobile floats in the centre of an open, two-storey living room, inhabiting the space as a sculptural white forms during the day, then radiating the warm light in the evenings.


The thorncrest cloud softlight shows the distinctive presence created when the luminary is given the opportunity to descend into interior spaces. The juxtaposition of scale and buoyancy of cloud is even more prominent when the lighting floats openly, just overhead.


cloud_softlight_thorncrest_02 copyLike other molo’s softlight design collection cloud is constructed from a flexible paper-like honeycomb structure. Its three-dimensional organic form is perfectly suited for the multi-storey living room at where different view points throughout the house or apartments reveal new parts of the light’s geometry. From the side, cloud appears as a solid form. Moving into the living room and looking at cloud from below, the light reveals its cellular honeycomb structure and hollow interior, passing underneath, the interplay of the top and bottom exterior of the shade create a shimmering effect.


Designed form molo directors/designers Stephanie Forsythe+ MacAllen, cloud mobile softlight is inspired by the renowned mobile inventions of American artist Alexender Calder. Calder’s iconic artworks perfectly balance a variety of shapes, to create a form that is much greater than its individual parts. Similarly, the enigmatic balance of three cloud forms from an aluminium almature creates an object with new potential. As air currents flow through Thorncrest, cloud mobile responds with meditative curves and dips, recording invisible movements flowing throughout the open volume.


cloud_softlight_thorncrest_01 copyFor large open spaces like this living room, Forsythe + MacAllen have also designed a new addition to the cloud softlight family, XXL cloud pendant. With a 2 metre (79”) diameter, the new pendant is designed to function in large, open interiors that dwarf the scale of most lighting fixtures. The impressively sized luminary still diffuses a gentle ambient quality of light that radiates in all directions from its shade.


cloud pendants and mobiles are part of molo’s family of softlighting.

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