Citco creates Rhinoceros at Inside Marmomacc

Published on : Monday, October 13, 2014

CITCO_Marmomacc 2014_Copy 1Between 24 and 27 September, in Verona, Citco participated in Inside Marmomacc, an event entirely devoted to products Made in Italy, focusing on experimentation in architecture and stone design: a space where creativity, culture and formation associated with stone were able to create a dialogue and find ample resonance inside the prestigious annual appointment for the marble system and for all the divisions of the sector, the Marmomacc international fair.
Citco was a protagonist of the Design & Technology exhibition, which came about from the desire to highlight the technological excellence, transformation capacity and creativity of the Italian stonework sector. The works, original and experimental, expressly created by designer and curator Raffaello Galiotto have been made thanks to specific and sophisticated production techniques.
Citco knows well what it means to challenge the limits of technology, to explore the inexhaustible potential of the material, to enhance stone and make it contemporary.
The work created exclusively by Citco for the exhibition is Rhinoceros, inspired by the old etching by Albrecht Dürer, one of the undisputed masters of wood engraving of all time. In 1515, thanks solely to a few sketches and stories, Dürer succeeded in engraving in wood the features of an Indian rhino that he had never even seen in real life: a vivid and also slightly surreal representation, which for centuries remained the iconic and representative image of the rhino in Western culture.
Thanks to Citco, that rhino has been able to take shape and become a dynamic mass, a solid and imposing presence. The shadows sketched by Dürer to accentuate the depth of the design have been transformed into fascinating and expressive striped surfaces of Bardiglio Grey marble, rhythmically grooved and harmoniously spaced, following clearcut, precise directions and geometries.
This exceptional subject places us before a new conceptual and physical perspective. We can admire the attractive inlays, enjoy the unbelievable fascination that only marble knows how to emanate, and, at the same time, as we observe it, the work observes us: behind that faceted horn and behind those wrinkled eyelids, the rhino looks at us and shows us a vibrant, living gaze, the sincere expression of a design that brushes the nuanced contours of art.
Rhinoceros, executed entirely through the use of digital techniques to create the graphic pattern and technologically advanced machines to model the marble block, has provided an extraordinary opportunity for Citco to demonstrate its capacity to marry design and technology, technique and emotion.

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