Castro offers luxurious project

Published on : Friday, December 13, 2019

This time Castro presents a luxurious contemporary Interior Project, with accents of classic influence, in the heart of Africa, by Love design. This project highlights all the lavish details of the Royal and Kingdom Collections, combining it with Love Design’s choices of colours, furniture, and luxury décor accessories.


Kingdom Suspension

Inspired by one of the longest recorded reigns of any monarch of a sovereign country in European history, Louis’ XIV, at a time where France was the leading European power, Kingdom suspension transmits this idea of control and magnificence. The Kingdom suspension claims all the traditional kingdom’s grandiosity centered in an exclusive leading figure, where ostentation and opulence were and evidence of extended territory and influence.


This lighting design aims to be the highlight of all home interiors as a striking piece, capable of creating a unique and exclusive atmosphere where light figures spread through the various glass elements.


Kingdom Suspension aims to be the highlight of any interior project. It is a striking design, able to create an appealing and exclusive atmosphere where lighting shines through the elegant glass fixture.


Royal Suspension

Over the times, Royal families gathered in the most exclusive and luxurious events. Ostentation and opulence were represented through the decoration of the venue, using the noblest of materials and filling the space with elegance and charm.


The Royal Collection incorporates the luxury and lavishness of the Royal Era, demonstrated in each detail and the use of traditional handcrafting technics. Composed of brass and glass, the different levels of this handmade chandelier are a remarkable display of how a modern touch can elevate a traditional design.


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