Cardboard Lights from Graypants Makes the Magic

Published on : Thursday, June 18, 2015

murmurations_lighting_graypants_02 copyThe precision layers of re-purposed cardboard mirror are made in a form that it looks exactly like the clouds of birds.


A natural phenomenon, murmurations are those awe-inspiring clouds of flying starlings that move in sync creating captivating, ever-changing three dimensional forms. This is a unique creation presented from Graypants.
Lighting brand Graypants have translated that phenomenon into dynamic installations of MOA, the name they’ve given their individual precision cut cardboard LED Pendants. The MOA is pendant is an organic shape made from Graypants’ signature materials; precision layers of repurposed cardboard. MOA is an extinct wingless and flightless bird, belonging to the ancient forest of New Zealand. Finding beauty in every corner of nature, Graypants finally saw an opportunity to finally give the MOA a chance to soar.


murmurations_lighting_graypants_3 copy“Each LED pendant within the ‘flock’ is harmoniously connected to its neighbors, creating varying compositions from every viewpoint. By composing light in this way, we create a powerful collection that’s poised to tip, always on the verge of instant transformation.” Comments Graypants.

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